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                X-ZDJ-700 Mdeium-speed Automatic Paper Plate Machine

                  Detailed instructions

                    X-ZDJ-700  Mdeium-speed Automatic Paper Plate Machine 

                 X-ZDJ-700 Medium-speed Automatic Paper Plate Forming Machine was developed and researched in order to meet the market requirement. It has integrated the pneumatic and the mechanic technologies, which makes it has the functions of faster working speed, higher safety-performance, safer operation and easier maintenance than the conventional one.


                X-ZDJ-700 medium-speed paper plate machine adopts high efficient pressurizing air cylinder, so that the Max. pressure can reach to 5T ,Compared with the oil pressure one, it has the advantages of high speed, environment protection and humanism desin .

                Standard X-ZDJ-700 Paper plate machine has two working stations, each station install one set of mold and each station has separately PLC digital control and electric control.

                It is widely applied to make paper plate (or aluminum foil laminated paper plate) in round (rectangle, square, circular, or irregular) shape. Machine speed changes against the material (paper) thickness and the plate size.


                HS. Code: 8441309000


                Paper Plate Size : 5--11 inch (mold exchangeable);


                Raw Material : Paper/paperboard, Aluminum foil coated paper, One side PE coated paper or other;


                Suitable paper weight : 100--500 gsm (gram a square meter);


                Rated Productivity : 65--80 piece/minute (total two stations, about 3600--4800pcs per hour);


                Total Power : 3 KW;


                Power Source : 220V 50Hz or other required;


                Total Weight : 1200 Kg;


                Package Size (L x W x H) : 1.43m x 1.6m x 1.9m ;


                Air source : Working pressure 0.8Mpa, Air out-put 1.5 m3/minute (need to buy Air comprssor);


                If your plate is very large, and the paper is up 600gsm, we design a special machine for you.


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