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                Paper cup machine line, Whole line flow chart of making paper cup
                Time:2015-07-31 8:38:17

                Whole Line flow chart of making paper cup :

                Whole Line First View

                Click the photo to enlarge

                paper cup machine whole line, making paper cup

                1. The flow chart from PE coated paper to finished paper cups :

                • Buy PE Coated Paper: from the PE Paper Suppliers (the sheet-paper size limited by the cup size, the printing machine size, the die cutting machine size ); 
                • Printing : Buy Offset Printing Machine or Flexo Printing Machine (food grade ink), print sheet paper; 
                • Die Cutting : Buy PYQ-203C Creasing and Cutting MachineRoll paper cup die cutting machine cut the pre-printed paper to cup-fan shape ; 
                • Making Paper Cups; Buy Paper cup machine JBZ-A12 ( Paper cup machine JBZ-S12, Paper bowl machine, Paper bucket machine, etc.), make the paper cups; 
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